Interview with the Top 100 Influential Figures in China’s Direct Sales Industry: Tianwen, Pioneering Direct-to-Consumer Enlightenment

Tianwen, who started as a direct seller and later became a media professional, management consultant, and independent researcher in the industry, has accumulated 20 years of organizational marketing experience and ultimately became a senior partner in M company’s global market. His lifestyle has also evolved into that of a global backpacker and columnist. This interview was conducted by “Direct Sales” magazine under Emperor Group and the China Direct Sales Museum, featuring the top 100 influential figures in China’s direct sales industry.

Tianwen’s Old Draft: Analysis of Melaleuca’s Business Model

Tianwen Note: This article was written more than 10 years ago and has been circulated on several WeChat platforms. Despite being copied and spread, its value and commitment to the social e-commerce model – the new “pyramid scheme” flooding the market today – remain relevant.

The Destiny of Direct Sales Roots and Its Inevitable Demise

Tianwen Note: As an independent researcher of the Chinese direct selling industry with limited proficiency in English, I have written this article for over 10 years. Despite the decline of direct selling in China, new retail models such as social e-commerce and WeChat business that are based on the core logic of doubling still thrive in China and never ceased. I believe that the fate and fatal flaws behind the industry that I pointed out continue to affect the new generation of micro-entrepreneurs. With the birth of ChatGPT, I have retrieved this article and asked it to translate and spread it in the English-speaking world to stimulate more thinking and discussion among professionals in various countries and regions, which may have some value.