Today, I am going to start practicing writing English blog. This is a very important decision.

As you know, my English is really bad. Almost 4 years ago, I started self-studying English through some APPs such as Liulishuo, Duolingo, and Baicizan.

After 4 years, my English level improved from Level 2 to Level 5 in Liulishuo. It sounds nice, but I know my Listening, Speaking are really terrible.

So I looked for some methods to quickly suit for me without these APPs, fortunately I found an English education agency, which is called Gateway Language Valley, located in Zhuhai City.

Last year I joined this school to take lessons for 28 weeks. Now a day, althrough my English level is still not good, I can open my mouth talking and use my hands writing.

I believe I will be better and better.

What do you think?